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am glad to say markets are up and running. >> reliable technology was the reason the secretary visited palo alto. he toured at and t think tank for innovation. different companies are working to sprol ducts and jobs. >> we saw the app economy right? think how large that is. now, imagine that going deeper into a economy through network service autos secretary lu liked what he saw. he's touting the president's plan to create jobs, and help indus cities spur innovation. he believes silicon valley is the place to start. >> still ahead incarceration transformation. big change bradley manning plans to make. >> visiting san francisco fisherman's wharf can be expensive. one lesson could save you money. >> and potentially explosive situation that has some residents upset with a bay area refinery. >> michael finney taking your consumer questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> and taking a look at traffic right now this is interstate 80. you can see for drivers making their way out of the maze
to the east bay. without the bay bridge. >> abc 7 is live using technology. >> at least you're moving. >> bad news you can see in this picture, i'm southbound on 101 just now passing sfo. and this is not typical for the area. i can tell you this back up usually doesn't start until millbrae or further south at this time of the day. northbound 101 moving at the limit. people, a lot of people are exiting 380 to go up to 280 instead of saying on 101. this southbound commute has a rough one here, i think goitsing to get worse closer to 92. >> yes. looking at the time for 4:00 and slow going there. thank you so much. >> focusing on the commute roadways let's check with our abc 7 morning news reporter. >> do you know what if everyone else has to it? traffic this is the least i can do. take a look outside, i can tell you first of all route he was taking is going to take you over an hour to get out of san francisco, once you get this, this is what you've got. traffic moving along eastbound, those would be headlights coming in the eastbound direction towards hayward that. drive on its own is 25 minutes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2